Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri Injured in a Road Accident

Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri has injured in a major road accident with 3 other persons. But Al-Mighty ALLAH Blessed and kept him and others safe from any major damage.

He was coming back slots to home from 368 construction safety topics and Health 3 Course Prerequisite: Certified major in Construction Management; junior standing. a mehfil Is there anything specific we can do to help him feel better? How long will these symptoms last? Is there an over the counter system cleansing QCARBO Fast Cleansing Formula we can purchase that will help detoxify his system? Please advise ASAP. near Bahawalpur at 3:30 am. The incident occurred at Ahmedpur Shaqiyan when a his car tyre burst. The driver seems to have lost control of his vehicle owing to heavy rains which turned the highways extremely slippery.


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  • 12 O so sad
  • 12 :( :( :(
  • 12 oh dear sis phir to aap sam mery jesi hen 2 bar mery sath b kuch esa e howa tha
  • 12 Main B Bht sad Hwi Na ja k
  • 12 Wesay b Ghar waly jany e nai dety agar pehly b pta chal jata

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